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Anonymous asked:

Why on earth do u like dean ambrose so much?

Did you really just ask that? Because he’s my idol.. Why is he my idol? Dean Ambrose or Jonathon Good has been through so much  and he’s never stopped even when things got hard for him. Look at all the crap he had to go through just to get to WWE, If you want a taste just watch one of his CZW matches from when he was Jon Moxley. His family wasn’t rich, He didn’t come from a wrestling family. He’s different. He worked so hard to get out of the crap town that he was stuck in as a kid. I think how he made it to WWE should be seen as inspirational! Yes, he acts crazy, But that’s his character, That’s how good he is, He acts so good there’s people out there that really believe he’s crazy. He’s a great wrestler, He’s amazing at promos and I truly believe he is a good guy. I love how he started from nothing and made it to something so big. He worked so hard to get to his dream and he finally made it.There’s so many more reasons I like Dean Ambrose but this is my main, Plus, He’s adorable. I know I’ll never get to meet him but seeing him on the shows is good enough. Believe in Dean Ambrose!

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